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Serving the Winnsboro area including all of Franklin and Richland Parish, Northeast Louisiana.


Starting off as a remote store and outpost, Rayville has been the beneficiary of rich natural resources and location on natural transportation routes. Besides being a farming center the Richland gas fields are nearby. It was first incorporated on January 4, 1901.


Archibald is a small community in Richland Parish.  It is located approximately 8 miles south of Rayville on Highway 15.

Catahoula Parish

Lake Louie


Richland Parish

Richland Parish is located in northeast Louisiana in the area known as the North Louisiana Delta Country. It lies in the center of a circle of seven parishes with similar geographic characteristics. Starting with Morehouse to the north, and proceeding clockwise, the parishes are West Carroll, East Carroll, Madison, Franklin, and Caldwell, ending with Ouachita Parish to the west. The parish is covered by a network of slow meandering rivers, creeks, and bayous. The parish comprises 576 square miles including 362,640 acres of land and 6,000 acres of water.


Crowville is a small community in Franklin Parish that is located east of Winnsoro, LA.

Franklin Parish

Franklin Parish has a population of about 28,100 and Winnsboro's population is approximately 6,000.  Franklin Parish has 414,712 acres; while Winnsboro is made up of 1,525 of those acres.  Other communities in Franklin Parish include: Wisner, Gilbert, Crowville, Baskin, Liddieville, Fort Necessity, Extension, Jigger and Chase.



 Winnsboro, the "Stars and Stripes Capital of Louisiana", is one of the most patriotic cities in America. In 1991 Governor Buddy Roemer presented this proclamation to the city. On Memorial Day,  July 4th, Veteran's Day, Labor Day, and other special occasions, approximately 350 American flags fly proudly along highway 15.  These flags were donated by families of deceased veterans of all wars, who were residents of Winnsboro and Franklin Parish. They add an extra beauty to the city and bring a warm feeling to the hearts of the community as well as visitors passing through.


The town of Wisner is the southernmost community in Franklin Parish and lies between Bayou Macon and the Turkey Creek Lake.


Gilbert, is located south of Winnsboro in the heart of the Macon Hills.  

Tensas Parish

Tensas Parish

Tensas Parish is a parish located in the U. S. State of Louisiana. The name "Tensas" is derived from an Indian tribe. The parish seat is St. Joseph and, as of 2000, the population is 6,618. St. Joseph is located adjacent to the Mississippi River levee system which runs at the east end of town. One can view the Mississippi River if he stands atop the levee.

Lake Bruin State Park is located in Tensas Parish.

Turkey Creek Lake

Turkey Creek Lake

Located 15 miles south of Winnsboro, near Wisner, La., this 3,000 acre reservoir reports good catches of bass, bream and crappie. In late winter and early spring, flooding from the Boeuf River causes the water in Turkey Creek to be muddy. Fishing is best when the water recedes and clears. The upper end of the lake is heavily wooded with moss covered cypress trees. Along with stocking of Florida largemouth bass, improvements were made to the lake in 1992.


Mangham, near the southeastern border of Richland Parish, was first incorporated in 1907. Settlement started in earnest after the New Orleans and Northwestern Railroad was built in 1890. Its namesake, Wiley P. Mangham, was publisher of the Richland Beacon News at the time and used his influence to locate the railroad near the town.

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